Multiple Offers

With the Calgary and Area Real Estate market beginning to heat up, we are seeing the resurgence of multiple offers to purchase. What you need to know... As a Seller, you can: 

1) Accept one of the offers exactly as it is written. 
2) Counter one of the offers. 
3) Reject all of the offers. You cannot work the offers against each other. 

As a Buyer: To succeed in a multiple offer environment, you should be prepared to write your offer to purchase under the premise of 'putting your best foot forward,' with the important specifics being:

1) Paying the highest dollar amount for the property that you are comfortable with (and that the market supports). 
2) Accompanying the offer with a healthy initial deposit. 
3) Keeping the conditions of purchase to a minimum and removing them as quickly as posssible. 
4) Offering the possession date desired by the Seller.
Multiple offer scenarios can add an element of stress to an already important decision. Ensure that you are working with a capable and experienced Realtor who presents a proven track record...and trust in their skills.