Successfully Selling Your Calgary Home in a Competitive Market

As we dig out of the 2014 recession, we find ourselves in an interesting (and competitive) Real Estate market. The best laid marketing strategies are designed to get potential buyers through your door - at which point your home is left to sell itself. In order for your home to have 'it's best foot forward,' sellers should adhere to the following:

1) Present a Clean Home: It goes without saying that your home should be sparkling for all showings/open houses. Shovel snow/mow lawn/weed, vacuum carpets, mop hardwood/tile, clean cupboards/counters, clean appliances, sparkling bathrooms/kitchens, beds made, wash walls, clean windows, pressure wash siding/doors, etc. In addition, cut the clutter - minimizing furniture, trinkets, counter-top small appliances (kitchen) and personal hygiene items (bathrooms) portrays openness, flow and floor/storage space. Lastly, ensure that the home is free of odor (i.e. cooking, smoke, pets, etc.) - air fresheners and perfumes mask the issue (a fact that is often picked-up on by buyers) - a neutral smelling home is the objective.

2) Ensure all maintenance items are taken care of: While a portion of home buyers are in search of 'fixer-uppers,' the vast majority are looking for a 'turn-key' solution.' Sellers should ensure that paint (both exterior & interior) is touched-up, hardware (e.g. plumbing, doors, cabinetry, fencing, etc.) is leak-free, tight and in good working order and structural items (e.g. doors, windows, roof, etc) are in good repair.

3) Price it right: Sellers often make the mistake of pricing too high in anticipation of the negotiation process. Today's buyers are privy to vast amounts of Real Estate information and as such are much more educated on fair market value than buyers of yesteryear. Not only will unrealistic pricing prevent a successful sale, but it will limit the amount of traffic (which is key to the sale) your home encounters. The absolute best strategy is to 'price tight and negotiate hard.'

At present, there are 5,200 Realtors servicing Calgary and Area - not all are created equally. A Real Estate expert will assist you in getting your home 'sale-ready,' will create a killer marketing strategy designed to 'cut through the clutter' and get your home noticed and will negotiate a sale price far and beyond the industry average. 

Bamber Real Estate has been marketing quality Calgary and Area Homes since 2002. During that time, we have assisted over 650 families in getting their home sold for absolute top-dollar. Feel free to reach-out to us with any questions you may have regarding the home selling'll be glad you did.